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Tongling city, one of the birthplaces of Chinese bronze culture, is also the largest ancient copper mining and smelting base in south of China so far.




Ancient mining site of the Golden Ox (From Spring and Autumn Period to the Western Han Dynasty)



The smelting slag of Tang Dynasty,other such ones are easily found in more than 20 ancient mining sites in Tongling.
This slag shown in the picture is known to the world for its size,which is the largest one in China and is entitled.
  “King of smelting slag”.


Copper Sculpture – Harvest


Copper Sculpture – Dance


Copper Sculpture – Harmony
This sculpture is composed by a man and a woman playing music. Melodious and euphonious music makes the park full of happiness and vigor.


Copper Sculpture – Inheritage & Development
This art presents sophisticated bronze cast technology and continuous copper culture by showing various shape changes, materials transfer and details development in the history of mold manufacture process.


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